Læsk x Æblerov x To Øl

City Boiz - a very mixed fermentation (5.5% ABV)

Cider stout with coffee kombucha and 5.5% alcohol.

Some of the boiz of The City got this idea - barrel ageing a mix of pear cider and stout for 6 months, then adding bitterness and acidity in the form of kombucha-fermented filter coffee. Flavors might send you to Belgium, but this very mixed fermentation was created in To Øl City, Svinninge.

64% Pear cider (Æblerov)
20% Coffee Kombucha (Læsk x Coffee Collective)
16 % Stout (To Øl)

Alcohol by volume: 5.5%
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This product is pasteurized and can be stored at room temperature.

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