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Kombucha Margarita

Now, everything doesn't have to be about health...

This cocktail is our absolute go-to when, like us, you think tequila and mezcal have something truly special in drinks. Kombucha Margarita has been a faithful companion in all our festival bars and is always the best-selling cocktail. Salt and lime play beautifully with the acidity of kombucha.

Here's the Kombucha Margarita recipe for one glass:

1.5 cl good tequila (or mezcal)
1.5 cl triple sec / orange liqueur (e.g., Cointreau)
1.5 cl fresh lime juice (no plastic fruits, please)
1/2 can of Læsk Elderflower Kombucha

A dash of fine salt (we're not big fans of the 90's trend with a heavy salt rim and prefer to mix it directly in. Stay salty)
Plenty of ice

Mix it all together and serve in a glass that - most importantly - fits the size 🍸

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