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Mana Energy Drink - 24 cans

Mana Energy Drink - 24 cans

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Organic Mana Energy Drink, whit natural flavors of organic fruits, berries, roots, and tea.

Each can of Mana contains 32 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, equivalent to a large cup of coffee. 

The caffeine is derived from Organic Guarana berries. 32 mg is the highest permitted amount of caffeine for energy drinks in most EU countries. 

24 cans x 250 ml

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Natural Mana Energy Drink

Discover our Organic Mana Energy Drink, where we have replaced synthetic ingredients, artificial colors, and unnatural flavors with organic fruits, berries, roots, and tea.

MANA is Denmark's new organic energy drink for all quality-conscious consumers. MANA comes in two delicious varieties, both offering refreshing and delightful flavors from organic juices.

Organic caffeine from Guarana berries

Mana Energy, made from guarana berries, offers a natural and powerful boost. Guarana beans are known for their high caffeine content and energizing properties, providing you with sustained energy and focus throughout the day.

Perfect for those who need an extra kick to power through their tasks, Mana Energy is your go-to source for natural vitality.