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Maté Maté - 24 cans

Maté Maté - 24 cans

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Organic Maté cold-brewed iced tea with bubbles. 

South American yerba maté is rich in natural caffeine content, and for generations, it has been used for tea, natural medicine, and cooking. 

High natural caffeine content: 18-32 mg/100 ml.

Contains 6 g of organic yerba maté tea per can.

24 cans x 250 ml

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Maté Maté

Discover our Organic Maté Maté Cold-Brewed Iced Tea with Bubbles. This exceptional beverage combines the invigorating flavors of cold-brewed yerba maté with a refreshing fizz.

Rich in natural caffeine, it provides a smooth, sustained energy boost without the jitters. Crafted from high-quality organic ingredients, this iced tea is a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks and sugary sodas.

Natural caffeine

South American yerba maté, known for its natural caffeine content, has been used for generations in tea, natural medicine, and cooking.

Chilled and mixed with lemon, lime, a bit of sugar, and bubbles, this bitter tea transforms into a delicious refreshment, ideal for those looking for a natural energy boost.